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The Nevus Youth Camp is a vital service to support youth (12 – 21?) with a visible skin condition (CMN) and their siblings to be able to connect and share experiences, to remove feelings of isolation, to provide self esteem building activities and coping strategies with the assistance of counsellors, health professionals and facilitators. The live in camp is held over several days, similar in structure to Camp Quality (cancer) or Camp Smokey (burns). We held our first camp in Adelaide in 2015, it was a great success and has inspired us to plan our next Nevus Youth Camp. You can support us - either a little or a lot - by making a donation at http://www.gofundme.com/vvhq69h or click on the PayPal button (every $1 helps), getting in touch with a fundraising idea, donating prizes for fundraising or by sharing our campaign and asking friends and family if they can help. It all adds up. Thank you for helping us create a positive impact for these amazing kids.
A big thank you to our 2015 major sponsor The Lions Club of Richmond.